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    Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.3 S40 Theme Edition Crash

    any1 know how to fix this??
    it starts like usually then i create s40 theme when i try to make the gallery think it always crashes when its loading thinks there at 34-36% poof it crashes i tried 3.2 samething
    i got vista so is it the reason for crash?

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    Re: Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.3 S40 Theme Edition Crash


    Please follow the below additional steps for Carbide.ui in Vista.

    - Locate the master folder in which Carbide.ui is installed. The default master folder is ‘C:\Program Files\Nokia’.
    - Open the shortcut menu for the ‘Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.3’ folder and select Properties.
    - In the Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme Edition Properties dialogue, select the Security tab. If a Windows Security message is displayed, click OK.
    - Select ‘Users’ in the ‘Group or user names’ list box and click Edit.
    - The User Account Control dialogue is now displayed, click Continue.
    - If a Windows Security message is displayed, click Reorder.
    - In the Permissions for Users list, select the check box next to Full Control and click OK.
    - It will take few minutes to set permissions for all the folders and subfolders.

    Carbide.ui can now be started from the Carbide.ui icon’s shortcut menu in the Start menu’s All Programs folder or on the Desktop.

    Please let me know the status.


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    Re: Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.3 S40 Theme Edition Crash

    Hi. i need urgent help please!!! Carbide.ui 3.4 keeps crashing when i try to create a new s40 theme. i have an XP machine
    please somebody help!! i just switched from samsung to nokia phones partially because of how easy it is to design themes etc for nokia but then a flagship tool like carbide crashing is not encouraging.

    the following is the error log:

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    Re: Carbide.ui Theme Edition 3.3 S40 Theme Edition Crash


    1. Looks like u are using jre1.6 while the Carbide.ui tool works with jre1.5. Please use 1.5 and try it.
    2. May be you are trying to execute the tool from eclipse.exe which comes after the installation. Use the shortcut that is created after the complete installation of the tool. This is the right way to start the tool.

    Hope this would help u with the nokia themes for ur nokia phones...


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