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    Java in 6070/6101


    How do I install a java application in 6070 device?

    This device have only infra red, when you finish downloading the file. Jad and. Jar they're an icon with the "application" so that invalid.

    When you try to run any of the files it shows that the application is invalid and asks if I want to delete it!

    My jar is 394KB.
    This jar runs on S60 and Windows Mobile.

    Thank you

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    Re: Java in 6070/6101


    Usually this happens when trying to install an application configured for CLDC/MIDP versions different than the device supports. Is your app by any chance configured for MIDP 2.1? The Nokia 6070 is has CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0

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    Re: Java in 6070/6101

    It may be complaining about the size... Nokia specification for that device says the maximum JAR size is 128k.

    Try installing something smaller, see if that works.


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    Re: Java in 6070/6101


    I made a jar that has 77KB and worked.

    It should be the size really.

    Thank you.

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