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    [moved] Graphics example - S60 5th Edition SDK - does not compile


    you probably already noticed I am not satisfied with quality control on the SDK examples. Here is another problem:

    S60 5th Edition SDK - S60CppExamples - NonTouchEx:


    The code refers to IconFileProvider.h and bitmapmethods.h which are in SOURCEPATH ..\..\helperfunctions. This code is available.

    But you need to do something to get (well ... I am not sure if want to spend my time on this) this example running. This is not what you would expect from an example.

    I tried to use the example for demonstrating graphics features of S60 - Maybe this was not a good idea.


    Rene Heuven
    Inmote - Creative Smartphone Solutions
    Web: www.inmote.com
    E-mail: rene@inmote.com

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    Re: Graphics example - S60 5th Edition SDK - does not compile

    Thanks for your feedback Rene. We will let the SDK team know about the signalled problems so that we can have them fixed by the time we release the final version of the SDK.
    -- Lucian

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