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    Question JSR172 and XML!?

    I learn JSR 172 to invoke the web service. i have a problem:
    how do I handle when web service return XMLDocument?? Thank!!

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    Well, As soon as you get the xml file as a response from the server.then you can just parse the same and can move forward..

    As far as the parsing of the xml file is concern you can follow like this -
    @ you can either parse the file manually or
    @ you can parse through the parser..

    for the first point you have to write the code ..however for the second point you can go through the link
    for the having the deep idea -

    Hope these lines can help you,
    Thanks with Regards,

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    Re: JSR172 and XML!?

    I want to use Package "javax.xml.parsers" of JSR 172 to handle XML documents. it was returned from web service ( invoke by JSR 172)?. I don't use kXML!! Help! Thank very!

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    Re: JSR172 and XML!?


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    Exclamation Re: JSR172 and XML!?

    I have the web service. it return a XML Document. I use JSR 172 to Invoke and generate a Stub with method:

    public void SampelXmlMethod(String t) throws java.rmi.RemoteException {
    Object inputObject[] = new Object[] {

    Operation op = Operation.newInstance( _qname_operation_SampelXmlMethod, _type_SampelXmlMethod, _type_SampelXmlMethodResponse );
    _prepOperation( op );
    op.setProperty( Operation.SOAPACTION_URI_PROPERTY, "http://tempuri.org/SampelXmlMethod" );
    Object resultObj;
    try {
    resultObj = op.invoke( inputObject );
    } catch( JAXRPCException e ) {
    Throwable cause = e.getLinkedCause();
    if( cause instanceof java.rmi.RemoteException ) {
    throw (java.rmi.RemoteException) cause;
    throw e;

    Now, I can't handle return the Object ( XML Document) to display. Can You help me!, please. Thank!

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