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    Smile what r the general LIMITATIONS OF JSR 75 PIM

    HI ,

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    Thumbs up Re: what r the general LIMITATIONS OF JSR 75 PIM

    Well,Its a nice query..however can you please tell me why thats required..what issue you are facing ..?

    What you can do with JSR 75 is/are -
    JSR 75 defines two optional packages that extend and enhance CLDC to give J2ME developers access to important features commonly found on PDAs:

    * The FileConnection (FC) APIs give J2ME devices standardized access to file systems residing on mobile devices, primarily to allow access to removable storage media such as external memory cards. For a tutorial on this package, see the article "Getting Started with the FileConnection APIs."
    * The Personal Information Management (PIM) APIs optional package gives J2ME devices access to personal data stored in device-native formats
    Another thing if you can find that what you can do with it..then rest is the limitation area..is'n it?
    You can expect like -

    The primary objective of the PIM APIs is to give J2ME devices access to the same personal data to which native applications already have access. Core goals of this optional package are to:

    * Provide access to personal data in native formats, which may reside on the device, on removable media, or somewhere over the network
    * Support the import and export of address-book entries in vCard format, and calendar and to-do entries in vCalendar format.
    * Impose no required fields or attributes
    * Provide security in using these APIs

    The PIM optional package API defines three types of PIM data, known as PIM lists:

    * Contact lists, which contain names, addresses, phone numbers, and other info about business and personal contacts
    * Event lists, which store appointments, reminders, and other date-specific items
    * To-do lists, which record tasks that the user needs to accomplish
    If still have query then write here again,
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