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    Smile Java open original player with time

    Hello Community.

    I'm new here at forum.

    I have a nokia 5310.I'm starting programming in java mobile recentrly.What I wold like to create is a program that we enter the time(hours and minutes) and at that time mobile phone will automaticaly run original mp3 player and play any song.

    Someone can help me with this?

    Why I want this application java?
    Because I have a bluetooth ball and I can listen music on the ball with original mp3 player from phone,I want a clock that all morning time starts the mp3 player at an especific time to listen the sound on the bluetooth ball.(bluetooth ball is allredy connected with phone,no need any program to connect phone with the ball).

    Kind Regars.

    I hope have some help....

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    Re: Java open original player with time

    Hello and wellcome to the discussion boards

    If you want a java application to start by itself, then you need to check the PushRegistry class, which allows you to do so.

    But I'm afraid there's one thing here. What the phone will do is launching a confirmation message saying that the application wants to start. You need to press the OK button.

    If you want it completelly automatic, then you need to sign the MIDLet, but I won't recommend you to go through this whole process unless you really need it, since it will take time and will cost money.

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