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    CIMD User date Header

    I have long message (more than 160 chars)to be sent via CIMD interface.

    let us say "abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890abcedefghijkmnopqstuvwxyz1234567890"

    from forum discussions , CIMD specs and CIMD Faq's, i understand this needs to be sent as mutilple messages with User data Header (032) , User Binary Data (034) and data encoding (030 as 245).

    Question: How to arrive User Data Header ? In CIMD FAQ question 6 has user data header as


    How this arrived?.

    Thanks in advance. detailed answer will be appreciated.

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    RE: CIMD User date Header


    How to create concatenated message is told in the CIMD and Smart Messaging document. Please find that also from www.forum.nokia.com
    -> Messaging -> CIMS - > documents.

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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