I have an app that's displaying data to the user in a CAknGrid. When the grid is empty, I hide it and show a CEikLabel instead. This is done via a custom CCoeControl that exposes a single child which is either the grid or the label, depending on the state.

This is all working reasonably, but one thing that I have been totally unable to do is to figure out how to make the label opaque. It always gets draw with a transparent background, so I see some other application underneath it.

How can I persuade the system to draw the default theme texture underneath my label? I've scoured the documentation, but as always trying to find anything in it is an exercise in frustration, and I haven't come up with anything. As the grid is rendering its background correctly I assume that it's the leaf control's job to do this, rather than my custom control or the view's, but I can't find any suitable resource flags or methods to do it. Suggestions, please?