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    Question NFC Phone for development in Australia


    I am a Smartcard application developer, and am try to find a suitable phone for prototyping an NFC application.

    I have tried asking the Nokia Customer support people for help puchasing an NFC capable phone, but they could not help.

    So how can I get an NFC capable phone in Australia to do some development on?

    I have a 5140 phone, and have found a User Guide for a Feild Force NFC shell that works with this phone. I have also seen reference to other NFC phone models on this site.

    Can someone please advise where I can get a suitable NFC phone in Australia ?

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    Re: NFC Phone for development in Australia

    According to this list there are only two NFC enabled Nokia phones. Then from http://www.nokia.com you can find a list of shops/resellers in Australia, see if you can buy one of them.

    For more details, consider asking on the NFC forum, that's where the NFC-aware people are.
    -- Lucian

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