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    Voice come from external speaker

    hi everyone
    In my application, I recorded the voice and listen that recorded voice. Now the voice is come from the loud speaker. I want to listen from the phone speaker. How can I write with Java ME the voice come from phone speaker.
    Here is my code,
    for recording,

    player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://audio");
    recordControl = (RecordControl) player.getControl("RecordControl");
    out = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

    for listening,

    ByteArrayInputStream bbin = new ByteArrayInputStream(voice);
    player = Manager.createPlayer(bbin,"audio/amr");

    Please give some instruction, I am in urgent.

    Thanks you,
    with regards
    Sweet Sweet

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    Re: Voice come from external speaker

    I am confused. What is phone speaker and what is loud speaker?

    Anyhow, you cannot redirect the audio with Java ME. It will be played through whatever spaker the phone's system instructs it to use.


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    Re: Voice come from external speaker

    Hi Hartti!
    Thanks you for your reply. The phone speaker means only the user can hear the voice like making a phone call or answering the phone call. If we make a phone call and talk with other, the people near the phone cannot hear what they are talking.
    The loud speaker means the people who is near the phone can hear every thing what they are talking.

    So, according to your reply , I really cannot hide my playing voice :'(. Really don't have any way??????

    if we listen the voice message, we can hear privately. Other person cannot hear.

    Thanks you for everything.
    With Regards,
    Sweet Sweet

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