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    carbide.vs install problem

    carbide.vs 2.0.2. using MSVC++ 2003. Install S60 SDK, install MSVC++, install carbide.vs. Start up MSVC++, get this message:

    Unable to configure VC++ directories. Please make sure that your Tools->Options->Projects->VC++ Directories includes the Carbide.vs installation directory and that you have Perl installed.
    I checked the VC++ directories, and it has the Carbide installation directory in the executables list, but not in any of the ohters. Also, Strawberry Perl is installed.

    Next it says:
    Error in Carbide.vs pre-initialisation. Add-in may not work correctly: file or assembly name vjslib, or one of its dependancies, was not found.
    The IDE then starts up, but when I try to create a Symbian project, I get:
    The type initialiser for "com.nokia.iguana.sdkconfiguration.SDKDetector" threw an exception.
    I would very much appreciate a solution to this so that I can continue my job ASAP.

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    Re: carbide.vs install problem

    your perl version is wrong.
    also make sure you have all sdk, perl, vs2003 and plugin installed in same drive.

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