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    How do I install Camera Server?

    To run the example camera applications within the series 60 emulator I am supposed to install the camera server. I found and downloaded the Camera_Serv.zip file from developer.nokia.com without any problems. When I unzip the file I find a complex directory structure with lots of lib, dll, and exe files but I don't know how to go about installing it in the emulator. I have looked for installation directions but havn't found them anywhere. Can anyone tell me how to actually install the camera server? (I should warn the reader that so far I have only run example applications within the emulator using Visual Studio to compile them from the auto-generated v6 project files.)

    How much functionality will the camera server make available within the emulator? Is it possible to emulate taking photos? I would even be happy if I had to supply fake images for the server to return. Do I need to connect some sort of webcam to the computer?

    James Carpenter

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    RE: How do I install Camera Server?


    Please go the below link


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