hi all...

i was trying to run the SIPExample shipped with the S60 3rd Edition SDK and the steps followed are:-

1. i started my asterisk SIP server on system A.
2. system A only hosted the server.
3. On system B and C, carbide.C++ was installed and the SIPExample was imported.
4. i was able to register the two softphones on B and C with SIP Server on A.
5. the application was executed on both the systems.
6. the profile was enabled successfully.
7. when i send invite from system A to system B the following warning is observed on Asterisk server:

WARNING[2444]:chan_sip.c:3685 process_sdp: unknown SDP media type in offer:application 0 TCP SIPEx

and system A received the response 488:invite declined by remote..

Please provide any suggestions to rectify this error..

thanks in advance..