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    how-to create a DRM for sis file who contain swf

    How i can create a DRM file (.dm) via a .sis file who contain an swf?

    I've seen online a tutorial by Alessandro who explain how to create a.dm file from a swf, i would like to make the same using a .sis file, a file who allows me to mantain a specific installation path and an icon.

    I've tried using Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit, i've created a dm file, i've installed it on my Nokia 6120 classic, and my device says that the file isn't supported...

    I would like also know if is it possible to sign a .dm file

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: how-to create a DRM for sis file who contain swf

    Can't be done as far as I know.

    Trying to DRM protect a SIS/SISX file isn't something the Symbian/S60 handles well, and in any case, upon installation the actual SIS file contents are extracted and installed as unencrypted files, and the original SIS file is discarded.

    Or did you just DRM protect the .swf file and then package/include it in a SISX file?

    Are you using just forward-locking, or combined delivery (with rights object coming with the content) or separate delivery (rights object sent separately OTA to the device)?

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    Re: how-to create a DRM for sis file who contain swf

    Ciao petrib,

    swf are like mp3 or jpeg from a DRM point of view so it should be possible to protect the file that is installed by the SIS file.

    We are trying to use Forward Lock which is the simplest way to apply DRM.

    Any help would be appreciate it. I am going to do more testing next week.


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