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    same phone for all the devices


    I have a one application which display text on canvas but it display different fonts on different devices. How can i make same output on all the devices.

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    Re: same phone for all the devices

    Hi honest_success,

    only way to have the same exact font on all devices is to use a bitmap font: that is, a font rendered with images. You can find various examples by simple searching the Web and these boards, or you could try by using one of the available Java ME UI frameworks that already support bitmap fonts (like J2mePolish).


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    Hi Kartik,
    well the idea jappit has suggested is the best,You can fix the issue by using the custom fonts using the bitmap image..like png.

    please check that whether these lines can help you,

    please reduce the duplication of the same post,it was also here,
    Thanks with Regards,

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