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    Question Cell ID can not be found in Nokias !!!


    I´m a j2me developer, I´m trying to get cell location, i got it for other mobiles, but have the same problem with each NOKIA I try:

    N95 (s60 3th Ed FP1) but updated
    N81 (s60 3th Ed FP1)
    6300 (s40 3th Ed FP2)
    5310(s40 5th Ed FP1)
    5200(s40 3th Ed FP2)

    cell ID can not be found

    I do this way (as it is explained in nokia-wiki):
    cellID = System.getProperty( "com.nokia.mid.cellid");//serie 60
    if (cellID == null){
    cellID = System.getProperty("Cell-ID");//series 40

    The configuration I use, is:
    - Settings/Phone/Net/Net mode: GSM
    - Settings/Gerneral/Location/Location methods: Based in net

    Do anyone know how to get cell ID??
    or why cell ID can not be found this way??
    is there other way to get cell ID??

    Thankyou in advance
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    Re: Cell ID can not be found in Nokias !!!


    This article explains how to get Cell ID and on what platforms it is available: S60 3rd Edition FP2 (or newer) and Series 40 3rd Edition, FP1 (or newer) (signed MIDlet in this case). I guess you are using pre-FP2 S60 devices and unsigned MIDlet on the Series 40 ones.

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