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    Real Time Audio Stream

    I am using CMdaInputStream, CMdaOutputStream, RTP and SIP API's of S60 development kit to build a SIP Client for voice conversation.

    Kindly guide me is it possible or not. Do I need any codec for compression of stream obtained from CMdaInputStream.

    Using SIP Server provided with S60 development Kit, I am successful to transmit data to the remote client. But it took 20 seconds to receive 40K.

    Imtiaz Ahmed

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    Re: Real Time Audio Stream

    If you want to develop a voip app on s60 device, CMdaInputStream, CMdaOutputStream are not fullfill your requirement.

    For devices before s60v3 fp2, you can use Audio Proxy Server plugin provided by Nokia.

    But I recommend you read this link before you start your work.
    Reggie Zhang

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