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    Unhappy Problems taking pictures with the camera using gstreamer (on nokia N810)


    Using the camera example for python here I added
    actual code to the buffer callback to actually save a picture, like so:

    def buffer_cb(self, element, buffer, pad):
            if self.picture_taken:
                self.picture_taken = False
                print "picture taken"
                image = Image.fromstring("P", (640,480), buffer)
                image = image.convert("RGB")
            return True
    The problem is that the picture turns out in grayscale. If I set the mode for the fromstring method to "RGB" or "CMYK" it gives a "ValueError: not enough image data" error, and only the "P" mode seems to work. This seems odd as looking at the size of the buffer recieved (as a string) it is definately big enough for a colour image at 640*480. Does anyone have any clue what's going on?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Problems taking pictures with the camera (on nokia N810)

    You may need to configure the raw decoder to match the input format (see the raw decoder documentation):

    image = Image.fromstring("RGB", (640, 480), buffer, "raw", "RGB", 0)
    Experiment with the raw mode and stride parameters to get a correct image.

    By the way, this forum is mainly populated by people who use PyS60 (Python for S60 phones). Maemo-specific questions probably get more answers on maemo.org developer mailing list or internettablettalk.com (soon to be called talk.maemo.org) forums.

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