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    Unhappy e32db query date comparison


    i want to reduce the resulting resultset with a date comparsison i.e. date between lastcall and now. my query looks like this
    query = u"SELECT * from table WHERE 
          date > #%s# AND date < #%s#"%(time.time()-1000000,time.time())
    The error on the phone tells me:
    SymbianError:[Errno -2] KErrGeneral
    What I am making wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Re: e32db query date comparison


    I think the problem is with the way you are trying to use time. According to this article it has to be formatted using e32db.format_time function.
    From the PyS60 Library Reference:
    Returns timevalue as a Unicode string formatted so that it is acceptable as a SQL time. To make a time literal, surround the return value with hash (#) characters.

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    Smile [SOLVED] e32db query date comparison

    Thank you for providing me the solution. Simply formatting each timestamp with e32db.format_time(timestamp) worked.

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