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    generic message box

    I'm very much a windows/dos programmer, and so i'm new to symbian. is there any single command to show a generic message box in the symbian sdk? cuz in windows, you need only call

    std::messagebox( "Some message", "window title" );
    I would hope that a similar command exists for symbian rather than having to two two hundred lines of code just to show a two line message.

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    Re: generic message box

    must not call any 2 OSs as every one is different and advanced in some field.
    just call iEikonEnv->InfoMsg(_L("Some message"));

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    Re: generic message box

    The InfoMsg only works if extended error logging is enabled.

    Generally I recommend using the following:
    CAknInformationNote* note = new (ELeave) CAknInformationNote(ETrue);
    note->ExecuteLD(_L("My Message...."));
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