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    Call divert indicator


    I am able to activate voice calls divert, using the ETelMM API. However, this is not reflected in the phone's status pane - no 'arrow' indicator is shown, contrary to when I change call divert through phone settings.

    Is there any way to enable this indicator or force a refresh of its state?


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    Re: Call divert indicator

    As the soft indicator for Call-divert is part of S60, and Etemm is Symbian base APIs, I would assume that nit wont know about the call divert situation. And if you can not find the API from the public Space, then it is most propably non-public API.

    And if you really need it, then you should consider opening a technical support case for finding the required API, and if it is then determined to be non-public S60 C++ API, then you would be directed on opening a API patnering case.

    Also remember to preapre good Business Case as well as use case, they will be asked on the way..

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