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    Nokia 5800 custom theme bug

    Hi, I've encountered an annoying problem with my custom themes installed on Nokia 5800 and I hope I'll find a neat piece of advise here.
    All my themes created with Carbide.ui 3.3, give blue screen along with notice when system messages appear, instead of the transparent and faded background as in default theme. That goes for incoming sms (i.e. "1 new message" + blue screen on the background), changing profiles (i.e. Profile Silent activated + the same) etc.
    I'm lost. Would appreciate any help.

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    Re: Nokia 5800 custom theme bug

    Go to Colours -> Main Pane. You'll see 3 items:
    - Fade Black Map, set it to #000000
    - Fade White Map, set it yo #FFFFFF
    - Screen dimming color, set it to gray #696969

    You will have nice transparent black background when a popup windows appear on your nokia device. Try to modify these value your self to see different effects. Hope helps.

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