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    Access Point: Disallow "Maximum number of connection in use..." dialog.

    Consider that I am using a SIM of operator say Orange
    and have Internet Access Points for operator A defined as
    Orange 1, Orange 2 and Orange 3.
    Also, there are Access Points for other operator say Vodafone
    Voda1 and Voda 2 correctly defined.

    Now consider a situation where an Application say
    the default Web browser is running and is currently
    using the "Orange 1" . So I can see that "Orange 1"
    is connected.

    Now, when i try to connect to an Access Point say
    Voda1 or Voda 2 which are not supported by the currently
    active SIM/Operator, I get a pop up message saying
    "Maximum number of connections in use. Close and active connection first."

    Case: 1:
    When say Orange 1 is connected, and if my application
    tries to connect to Orange 2 or Orange 3( Access points
    supported by the SIM/Operator) there is no message
    popping up.

    Case 2:
    When a say Orange 1 is connected, and if my application
    tries to connect to say Voda1 or Voda 2( Access Points
    not supported by the SIM/Operator) the "Maximum connections
    active... " is popped up.

    How can i disallow/stop this dialog from popping up. ?
    alternatively is there any api which notifies if a
    given APN is supported by the SIM/Operator.

    I'm working on s60 3rd edition.


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    Re: Access Point: Disallow "Maximum number of connection in use..." dialog.

    You can try if RConnectionMonitor::GetPckgAttribute with KIapAvailability filters "foreign" access points or not.
    With RConnectionMonitor you can also list active access points, so you can actually find that "Orange 1" is already connected, and re-use it in your application.

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    Re: Access Point: Disallow "Maximum number of connection in use..." dialog.

    I did try to use the RConnectionMonitor API: On receving an event in the EventL callback, I do the following.
    1. Read ConnectionCount ( GetConnectionCount).
    2. Read the ConnectionId ( GetConnectionInfo ).
    3. Read subConnection Id,(GetSubConnectionInfo).
    However step 3 results in (error -5 KErrNotSupported).( I have specified the required
    capabilities ReadDeviceData, ReadUserData and NetworkServices. Also I am using a
    protected UID for my sample application).

    However If I skip this.
    I tried to read the IAP Id that is being connected.
    GetUintAttribute ( with Attribute set to KIAPId). I am able to correctly read the Iap Id value. When the Iap Id matches to the one my application is connecting to, I try to read the IapAvailability attribute.
    GetPckgAttribute ( attribute set to KIapAvailability).

    However, on trying to read the value of the buffer "TConnMonIapInfo" the count is always found to be 0. So it does not seem to help.

    I also tried reading the boolean attribute "KBearerAvailability". It always returns ETrue.

    What could be the reason for getting an error (-5 KErrNotSupported) while reading subConnectionInfo.


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