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    Unhappy How to get mpeg/3gp frames


    Currently I use CVideoPlayerUtility to play 3gp files.
    I would like to hide the display window and use the MvpuoFrameReady callback to capture the frames.
    The problem is that the windows is always set as visible when the movie is played.

    any idea how can I hide it or use other method to capture the frames while playing a movie?

    Other known mpeg/3gp decoder maybe?


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    Re: How to get mpeg/3gp frames

    if I remember correctly, the functions that would be used for this one are not working correctly, so with public APIs you can not get the frames from a video. Anyway, you could check whether the APIs in the API plug-in would work any different.

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    Re: How to get mpeg/3gp frames


    If I remember correctly the ffmpeg decoder was ported to Symbian OS as part of the Movino project (search in Google). The performance isn't as good as the built-in codecs (can't really be running entirely on the ARM processor) but it may well work for your use case.


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