I like the concept of complementing flash lite pograms with java lib for a better access to phone resources. If we use symbian libraries, then we break the multi-OS feature of Flash.

I tried to use the Jarpa concept that includes the ability to launch swf file that was embedded into the JAR file.
The swf is properly extracted and stored in the proper directory.

then the <<< platformRequest(file:///E:/login.swf); >>> is used to launch the swf, but I always get an invalid URL exception although the file path is the one used to store the extracted file.
Of course if I use a url like http://.../test.swf it works

I encounter the same problem in the emulator and on a s40 6555 although Jarpa site mentions that it has been tested on a s40 5th edition phone

Alexandro, can you help me understand the problem.

I think that with a simple RPC model on top of the socket we can do a lot with this model.

Thanks in advance