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    Question DRM duration support fo Nokia N73


    I have been writing an application that delivers DRM wrapped mp3s to mobile phones. The goal is for the user to donwload the track and be able to play it for 3 days.

    Beneath is the DRM that I am using to serve the file.


    This works for the N95 but not for the N73 (and others). On the N73 when I go to Activation Manager it says.

    Activation key is valid
    Status (Play)
    Not activated
    Time left (play)
    3 days

    When I try and play it, i get an Activation Key Expired message.

    When I change the constraint from <o-dd:interval>P0Y0M3DT0H0M0S</o-dd:interval> to <o-dd:count>3<o-dd:count> the track will play 3 times and then become deactivated which is what I expect.

    Is this a known issue with the N73?

    I have tried using start and end dates and fixed dates but it seems as soon as I mention a date I get the dreaded:
    Status (Play)
    Not activated

    Do I need to somehow enable the activation key when I supply an interval constraint?

    I have tried everything and scoured the web and forums.

    Help please :)


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    Re: DRM duration support fo Nokia N73

    The N95 is based on Symbian 9.2/S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1.

    The N73 is based on Symbian 9.1/S60 3rd Edition (no Feature Packs).

    Could be a Symbian/S60 difference, or a bug/feature in the earlier version. If that's the case, there's most likely nothing you can do.

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