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    European special accent characters.

    Hello all,

    Can someone clarify the special localized characters issue regarding mobile phones sold in Germany, France etc.

    Do they have special characters on the keypad ? like Umlauts for example in German ? or the only way to access those characters is by menu or pressing a key multiple times till I get the desired charachter without actually having that character printed on the key ?

    In case of special characters printed on the keypad, is there a place where I can see photos of the phones ?

    Are there any regulations regarding that matter ? German FW on a universal phone will suffice ? or special charcters on the keypad is a must ?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Re: European special accent characters.

    It depends. On regular ITU-T phone keypads, you probably won't see any of the local characters printed on the keymat.

    On phones with QWERTY (or QWERTZ or AZERTY) layout keypads, they are there (and user expect them to be there). Otherwise those keyboards will be much harder to use.

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