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    sending push message

    I had some problems when trying to develop the push message for my project. I had the sample code from the push info page for the mobile zoo for pushing the message through the tomcat to the phone. That's mean using the java program to send the push message. But, i cannot get the push message in the push service inbox as we can get it when we push the message from the toolkit. The push message is SI. I had try it with 6590, 8310 and 7210.
    May I know what is the problem? Is it need some configuration to do
    that? Thanks... hope to hear from you soon.

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    RE: sending push message


    Have you created the SI type WAP Push message according to the instructions given in the "Getting started with WAP Push" document? You can download the document at Forum Nokia web site (www.forum.nokia.com -> Technologies -> Browsing/WAP -> Documents) in case you have not seen it yet. Please also check that you have defined Service message reception ON in the devices Service inbox settings (under Services).

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Sending Push Message from North America to Europe/Asia

    Hello all,

    I'm new to wireless development for WAP, WPP, PAP and so on but am very seasoned with Java/J2EE. I would like to develop an WAP service that have the push message capability.
    The WAP server would be located in North America and can the Push Message be pushed to some wireless phones in Europe, Asia without incurring long distance charges? How is the push message being delivered to the cell phone users that are in different geographical areas than the WAP server? I mean a message is being pushed from a local server to a long distance phone numbers. Is that possible?

    Can someone give me some quick explains of what tools are available that Nokia provides to develop a complete push message application.

    Thanks and best regards

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