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    S60 3rd FP1 Emulator crashes when launching the debugger


    This is really strange!
    I am currently unable to debug any program!! The emulator crashes after launching it in debug mode.
    As you can see from the epocwind.out log attached the MMFAudioServer.exe gets killed with -14 ( KErrInUse).
    I am using Vista on a Cfompaq laptop and I was able to debug without any problem with carbide.c++ 1.3.2 untill yesterday. Then I installed carbide 2.0 and now I am not able to debug anymore (neither using carbide 1.32 nor carbide 2.0).

    I have seen some similar problems in the forum involving the MMFAudioServer.exe but the Killing reason was -5 while in my case -5.

    Nevertheless I have tried to follow the suggestion of removing the laptop's audio drivers with no luck.
    I have also removed carbide 2.0 but still nothing to do.
    I am really desperate to get it working.

    Please help me!

    CEikServAppUiBase::InitializeL(fctry) succeed
    48.360 CEikServAppUi::ConstructL(), Creating WG for status pane
    48.365 CEikServAppUi::ConstructL(), Starting sound server
    48.405 Thread eiksrvs.exe::KeySoundServerThread created @ 0x267ca44 - Win32 Thread ID 0x14d0
    48.485 CDirWatcher::RunL <-
    48.520 cenrep CEikKeySoundServer::ConstructL 1
    48.725 CDRMClock::TimeChanged
    48.730 CEikServAppUi::ConstructL(), Keysounds and plugin initialized
    49.195 Thread MMFAudioServer.exe::Main created @ 0x26817ac - Win32 Thread ID 0xcd4
    49.200 CMMFAudioServer[0x1c100128]::ConstructL - enter
    49.205 CMMFAudioServerFactory[0x1c10020c]::StartL
    49.245 Thread MMFAudioServer.exe::Local-0267da9c created @ 0x267dd5c - Win32 Thread ID 0x13c8
    49.245 CDirWatcher::RunL ->
    50.285 CDRMClock::TimeChanged ok
    50.295 Thread MMFAudioServer.exe::Local-0267da9c Killed -14
    50.360 c:\private\101f51f2\rdb\7
    50.360 CMMFAudioServerFactory[0x1c10020c]::StopL
    50.485 Thread eiksrvs.exe::EikAppUiServerThread Panic KERN-EXEC 3
    50.540 Thread eiksrvs.exe::ViewServerThread Panic KERN-EXEC 3
    50.540 FAULT: KERN 0x00000004 (4)

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    Re: S60 3rd FP1 Emulator crashes when launching the debugger

    may be you can try reinstalling the SDK in question.

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    Re: S60 3rd FP1 Emulator crashes when launching the debugger

    clearly it is nothing to do with carbide.c++ version.

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    Re: S60 3rd FP1 Emulator crashes when launching the debugger

    50.360 c:\private\101f51f2\rdb\

    If you try and write to this path on a physical device, the phone instantly reboots - well, not just reboots, but it also deletes all the DRM keys with it. I would imagine the emulator is faithfully emulating this particular scenario :-)

    Given that 2 years or so have elapsed since you posted this comment, I'm guessing you figured it out already though.

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