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    New release "Temple" out now!


    This link just posted to the feedback mailing list - some bug fixes/improvements from the first release and three new modules for us to play with:

    QtScript - make your apps scriptable
    QtSvg - use SVG (Tiny 1.2) graphics
    QtXml - handy utilities for XML parsing/writing

    Have fun with it!


    P.S. Sorry if I stole anyone's thunder!

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    Re: New release "Temple" out now!

    Indeed you stole my thunder Mark and thanks for that!

    The technical preview is in http://trolltech.com/developer/techn...iew-qt-for-s60

    Tested it on Friday and found no immediate issues. There are some details with pkg files & carbide that may cause issues if not familiar with S60.

    Forum Nokia will be publishing additional material today (I'll keep this forum updated) and also keep in mind the webinar tomorrow!

    Thanks Mark,
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