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    Alarm clock for Nokia 6300


    I have a 6300 and am missing some functionality in the alarm clock:

    I'd like to be able to define multiple recurring alarms. For example, I want to set the alarm to go off everyday at 07:00pm.

    Now I can only set one alarm, and if it goes off, I have to remember setting it again. This is impracitcal if I need several alarms during the day.

    Is there such a feature already available or is it possible to develop a java application?

    I'm a software developer, I think I can program this thing myself, the only question I couldn't find answered is: Can I write a java program for this phone which will run in the background and not occupy all of the screen?

    Thank you for your directions

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    Re: Alarm clock for Nokia 6300

    as in a daemon ?
    not possible im afraid...
    especially for S40's mobiles...

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