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    Question Nokia 2610 unable to run audio files

    Hello Experts!

    I am having issue playing an audio file (packaged with jar) on Nokia 2610. I can run the same app normally on my Nokia E51 and other sets as well.

    I tried with wav file and got the error:

    invalidcontent type audio/x-wav

    then i tried an mp3 file and got the error:

    invalidcontent type audio/mpeg

    error is thrown while executing following lines of code:

    player = Manager.createPlayer( getClass().getResourceAsStream(file2), "audio/mpeg")
    Same application works on other nokia phones then why not on this?

    Please advise me, i am in a deep trouble.

    Alam Sher

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    Re: Nokia 2610 unable to run audio files

    The Nokia 2610 only supports AMR and MIDI format for audio.

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    Re: Nokia 2610 unable to run audio files

    You can ask the device what content-types it will support.

    String[] mimeTypes = Manager.getSupportedContentTypes(null);
    When you create a Player, you must use one of the types from that list.

    Be aware that, just because a device supports a particular type, does not mean it will support all forms of that type. For example, a device might play WAVs, but might only play 8kHz, mono, 8bit. It might play MIDI, but only MIDI-0, not MIDI-1. Some experimentation is needed.

    You cannot necessarily play from Java all the formats that the device's media player supports.

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