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    Hi All,

    We are opening this thread for you to provide your feedback on the Public Beta version of 'Nokia WRT Plug-in for Aptana Studio'. All you feedback will be considered carefully by our team, this this a good chance to tell us what you think about the tool and any wishlist you have...

    There are issues we are aware of with the plug-in beta.

    • Mac preview: If you are a Mac user and you install Eclipse + Aptana Studio plug-in + WRT plug-in (as opposed to Aptana Studio Standalone + WRT plug-in) you may have trouble with the S60 preview feature. We are investigating this issue. This does not seem to be an issue for Windows users.
      UPDATE: the problem seems to be with Eclipse >= ver 3.4; Eclipse 3.2.2 SDK+Aptana update+WRT v1.0.0.28 works fine.
    • Firewall/proxy: If your internet connection requires a proxy you must set it directly within Aptana Studio. If you do not, this could affect your ability to install plug-ins or preview widget content. There are two places to set proxies in Eclipse:
      1. Window -> Preferences -> Internet Proxy Settings
      2. Window -> Preferences -> Install/Update

      be sure and set both appropriately for your proxy configurations. (see your system administrator or network guru if you don't know your proxy configurations)
    • Uninstall: If you have to manually uninstall the WRT plug-in do the following:
      1. Quit Aptana
      2. In the Aptana installation directory open the features directory. Delete all items beginning with com.nokia and org.eclipse.emf
      3. Do the same thing in the plugins directory
      4. On Mac OS delete the directory ~home/Library/Application Support/Aptana/
    • API Docs: The plug-in beta includes the current Web Developer's Library 1.3 which includes the 1.1 WRT APIs however, the beta only supports the 1.0 WRT APIs. Note this doesn't stop you from writing 1.1 compatible widgets for but features like code completion won't support the 1.1 APIs at this time.

    Thank you all. We are looking forward to your reactions to a powerful new tool for developing for Web Runtime.

    Michael Bierman
    Nokia, Sr. Product Manager WRT Tools
    Web Technology Marketing Manager
    Forum Nokia
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