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    Question Controlls are overlapping

    Good Morning Sir/Mam,

    my self Kush.I am very new to Symbian Environment. So i am facing some problems . Only you can solve this problem. plz help me.


    I m creating some controls like as:


    I apply SetExtent-> TSIZE........... (); method properly , BUt the problem occur during the changing the resolution

    of the EMULATOR,
    like as 320*240,176*208. 416*352 etc.


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    Re: Controlls are overlapping

    Implement HandleScreenDeviceChangedL().
    u have to resize ur container and controls (w.r.t container) when u get notification in HandleScreenDeviceChangedL() function.

    Here is a similar dicussion u can get some supporting info


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    Re: Controlls are overlapping

    Thank you friend.

    plz keep in touch for future life.

    best of luck .

    have a nice day.

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