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    RunL in CEchoEngine is not executed.


    I am developping an application that uses LBS and TCP/IP. The LBS is working correctly which has its own source file and TCP/IP Connection has its own source file too. That means in the ConstructL of the source file FirstGpsAppView.cpp. I Wrote:

    // Create a window for this application view

    iErrCode = 1;
    // Set the windows size

    //Network Services
    iEchoEngine = CEchoEngine::NewLC(this);
    CleanupStack::Pop(); //iAOExampleEngine
    // Activate the window, which makes it ready to be drawn

    The GPS Activity is working very well and i get the position of my current location. But the TCP/IP is not responding any thing. I think RunL of CEchoEngine is not executed, that means the Active Object is not "Set Active". But When i write SetActive() in the ConstructL of CEchoEngine, the emulator will crash and close itself.

    I don't what to do and one more thing the library of the TCP/IP is taken from http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...hoClientEngine Found in: examples\Networking\TcpIp\EchoClientEngine.

    Please reply to me and Thank you very much for your support in advance.

    Best Regards,
    George NAMMOUR

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    Re: RunL in CEchoEngine is not executed.

    Symbian examples are nice, but they are hard to use, since they are not really fitted to the different UI variants. Consider checking if that example works in itself.
    Note that S60 SDK-s contain S60-specific examples too, in older (2nd edition) ones you should check S[eries]60Ex\sockets, in newer (3rd, 5th edition), you may consider checking the Chat example.
    And SetActive should be invoked whenever you issue an asynchronous request (so you pass iStatus to some service method).

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