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    CViewContact (cntviewbase.h)Missing API from "S60 3rd Edition" & "S60 3rd Edition MR"

    I've developed an application on S60 3rd Edition FP1. This application uses contact views.

    To increase device reach I want to recompile my application on either the S60 3rd Edition MR, or the stock S60 3rd Edition. However both of these SDKs do not include the "cntviewbase.h" header file. The associated documentation from the S60 3rd Edition & MR SDKs states that the cntviewbase.h is not part of S60. However I am aware that this API has been available from the Nokia 7650 (original S60 device). It has been a part of Symbian since 6.1.

    Has the API been deliberately removed ? If so why is the API available in S60 3rd Edition FP1 ?

    Since my application using views compiles fine on S60 3rd Edition FP1 and runs on devices which are S60 3rd edition based it is possible to determine that the API does indeed exist on the handset and platform. - What has 3rd party application developer access to this API been removed for MR & stock 3rd Editions ?

    Is there a replacement set of header files you can provide for S60 3rd Edition / S60 3rd Edition MR SDKs?

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    Re: CViewContact (cntviewbase.h)Missing API from "S60 3rd Edition" & "S60 3rd Edition


    I have checked my SDKs and I did not found the cntviewbase.h on the S60 2nf FP2 and S60 3rd MR. Anyway I have found it on the FP1, FP2 and 5th and what's more it is available also on the UIQ3 as this API comes from Symbian, not the Avkon layer (http://developer.symbian.com/main/do...acts_Model.pdf).

    I have never been using this API, but I guess if you need to recompile the application under MR you can try to copy header files and necessary lib files accross SDKs and build it with MR.


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    Re: CViewContact (cntviewbase.h)Missing API from "S60 3rd Edition" & "S60 3rd Edition

    Thanks stenlik,

    That's exactly what I did do. It compiles fine.... I'm just working out why it hangs - I'll report back more here when it's available. It sucks that S60 have removed the API from their older SDKs.

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