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    Question Best strategy to connect a phone to a lan using bluetooth

    Trying not to mess up this message with a ton of (im)possible solutions we thought about, I will just explain the scenario and our needs.

    First step: we need a bluetooth mobile phone to connect to a LAN using bluetooth. To accomplish this goal, we can use a bluetooth/ethernet router like the Bluegiga 3201 ( http://www.bluegiga.com/bluetooth_access_point_3201-1 ). This connection should be available for any application (built-in browser as well as installed Java applications) in the phone.
    The question is: what is the correct profile to use? LAN access Profile? I heard it has been deprecated, is still usable? Is it compatible with any bluetooth mobile phone? Any other possibilities? Any other strategies? Am I completely insane?

    Second step: we need other mobile phones to connect to the same LAN, at the same time, using the same access point. Of course within the connection limit (7) of the access point itself. Have we to expect troubles?

    Third step: We need a connected phone to switch to another in-range access point when going out-of-range from the original access point. Basically, if it loses the connection it should try and reconnect to any availabe access point. Ideally, this shift should be transparent to the user experience. What kind of approach is best to try? Is there any standard profile capable of that? Am I really completely insane?

    It's extremely important that connecting, at least from the mobile phone user point of view, should be a trained-monkey-proof task (aka: just follow some very simple instructions).

    I'm not asking for a direct solution, but for a good developing strategy. We know it will not be completed in a couple of week.
    Feel free to suggest even strategies involving expensive hardware.

    It's a very important goal for us to achieve. Any help and any ideas (even bold ones), will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you all.

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    Re: Best strategy to connect a phone to a lan using bluetooth

    I am looking for the exact same solution. Have you found a solution to your question? I am doing a school project to try to pin point location within a building. I am able to send location information to my server using GPS where I am able to located my building. But, this is not very accurate as to what floor I am on since GPS elevation can be a problem. Plus, GPS does not work well indoors and internet connection can be costly.

    My idea is to setup bluetooth access points within my building. Same as you, I would like the cell phone to pick up the closes access point to connect to my LAN and send information (in my case photos taken by my cell phone). From the information I can determine where the photo is taken.

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