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    Question HTTPClientExample_S60_3_0_v_2_1_0 issues

    hi guys
    This example is sending a post to a website
    via "Data to Post" textfield

    can u tell me from which parameter it is sending

    according to me

    "Postdata8 or iPostData" declared in client.h file....

    I just need to confirm this

    actually i have to get this parameter value in my webapplication using method "getParameter".

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    Re: HTTPClientExample_S60_3_0_v_2_1_0 issues


    hm... first try to debug the code to know how the HTTP POST body is built and how (if) additonal headers are added. This will give you insight of what happens and you will know exactly what is going to be send. Then you mighe use some network sniffer to check which packets are going over the network - I recommend you WireShark freeware application for checking network traces.


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