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    Problem using Dialogs


    I am doing a symbian-qt application and I need to get a text from the user. As the object QLineEdit from Qt does not support the input of letters (because the keypad is only numeric) I'm thinking to use a CAknTextQueryDialog from symbian to do the work.

    The code used is at follows:
    TBuf<100> nom;
    CAknTextQueryDialog* queryDialog = CAknTextQueryDialog::NewL( nom );
    CleanupStack::PushL( queryDialog );
    queryDialog->SetPromptL( _L("Name") );
    CleanupStack::Pop(); // queryDialog
    queryDialog->ExecuteLD( R_PROMPT_CONTAINER_DATA_QUERY1 );
    And the resource R_PROMPT_CONTAINER_DATA_QUERY1 is as usual:
    RESOURCE DIALOG r_prompt_container_data_query1
    flags = EAknGeneralQueryFlags;
    items =
    		type = EAknCtQuery;
    		id = 1;
    		control = AVKON_DATA_QUERY
    			layout = EDataLayout;
    			control = EDWIN
    				maxlength = 100-1;
    				default_case = EAknEditorTextCase;
    				allowed_case_modes = EAknEditorAllCaseModes;
    				numeric_keymap = EAknEditorStandardNumberModeKeymap;
    				default_input_mode = EAknEditorTextInputMode;
    				allowed_input_modes = EAknEditorTextInputMode | EAknEditorNumericInputMode | EAknEditorSecretAlphaInputMode | EAknEditorKatakanaInputMode | EAknEditorFullWidthTextInputMode | EAknEditorFullWidthNumericInputMode | EAknEditorFullWidthKatakanaInputMode | EAknEditorHiraganaKanjiInputMode | EAknEditorHalfWidthTextInputMode;
    				special_character_table = 0;
    The problem is that, after adding the necesary libraries and includes, the compilation is fine, but the program crashes in the NewL function!! (marked in red above).

    Its so strange that it crashes just in the NewL() function. Maybe because in Qt we no longer have the structure container-view or because we don't have an AppUi.

    I've been using many other symbian functions with no problem. Any suggestions to solve it?

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    Re: Problem using Dialogs

    Hi Pau,

    First, please note that the line edit in Qt will accept text input in the next release.

    For your current problem, does the NewL() function leave? Have you tried TRAPing the leave and finding out what the error code is? It should be possible to use an Avkon dialog but that doesn't mean it works yet, the focus on this kind of Avkon integration will come in later releases (particularly the next one, but I doubt it'll be finished by then).


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    Re: Problem using Dialogs

    if the code is tested to work in "regular" symbian app then it must be due to something not being constructed. Can you try out f.ex creating coenv yourself as in http://www.pushl.com/developers/exectrl.html

    Please let us know if iy helps!


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