I want decode a H263 video stream with CMMFDevVideoPlay class (available in API extensions of S60 3rd FP2).
I use first version of H263. For now, results were no good.
My question is : Can I use H263 first version? Or I must use H263-2000?

My doubts arise from CCompressedVideoFormat header file (used to set CMMFDevVideoPlay decoder) :

Defines a compressed video format. The format is identified by its MIME type, which may include
parameters that describe the used format profile and level. The MIME type used for H.263
is video/H263-2000, specified in TS 26.234, and the type for MPEG-4 is video/MP4V-ES, specified in RFC 3016.
class CCompressedVideoFormat : public CBase

can someone help me?