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    noam.segal ,please come in

    I'm sorry to trouble you.But I really need your help.I seem to meet the same problem as yours which you had described in "VoIP Audio Service API problem ".
    I got a "No source available for "Unknown (0x803A57A8)() " when it run to the following line:

    err = iFactory->CreateDownlinkStream(ver,CVoIPUtilityFactory::EVoIPCall,

    Have you solve the problem?
    I don't how to do now.
    Does anyone else know a resolvent?
    Thanks very much!

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    Re: noam.segal ,please come in

    Did you try sending personal message to the user: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...r.php?u=150634 , might be faster way on communicating.

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    Re: noam.segal ,please come in

    Also, it is very likely that there is no problem, certainly not about the "No source available for "Unknown (0x803A57A8)()" message. You cannot see the source code of the library, you simply don't have it. All you can do is step over those methods until you are back in your own code where you will be again able to debug view-in the source code.
    -- Lucian

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