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    Are Developers On This Forum? - If So Please Answer?

    I made a post about FLAC:


    I called Nokia, couldn't seem to get anywhere with them on the phone and was told to come here to make a post, seems I'm not getting anywhere here as well.

    I'm not just here in a personal capacity but professional as well. I've been chasing down Nokia now for 2-3 weeks. I'm trying to get an answer here if there might be any possible support for this in the near future?

    I would greatly appreciate some replies here, so I can figure how to position myself with this in the future, as a business looking for a FLAC supported phone.

    Thank you...

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    Re: Are Developers On This Forum? - If So Please Answer?

    Manufacturers rarely share roadmaps with someone who just calls them on phone, that can be a reason. Otherwise FLAC is a well established format, and it is certainly possible to implement a media player which supports it. However apparently it has not happened until now, that is all.
    And yes, every regular user of this forum is some kind of a developer. But I do not see how it relates to your question.

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