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    ProfileRegistryEventOccurred never call

    I'm writing sip client , the Register process works ok ..but
    the ProfileRegistryEventOccurred method is never call.
    the sip class engine inherit form MSIPProfileRegistryObserver like this
    "class CSipEngine : public CBase,MSIPObserver,MSIPConnectionObserver,MSIPProfileRegistryObserver"

    i implement ProfileRegistryEventOccurred & ProfileRegistryErrorOccurred .
    the registration seem to be ok . in "iProfile->GetParameter( KSIPProfileRegistered, registered )"
    the registered = 1 . but the ProfileRegistryEventOccurred is never been call .

    my environment is symbian 9.2 , eclipse carbide c++ 1.3 , test device is the emulator

    for the observer to "work" .. beside inherit the correct class and implement his virtual methods
    do i need to do anything else ..


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    Re: ProfileRegistryEventOccurred never call


    Have you obtained an instance of the CSIPProfile before the registration is done?

    class MSIPProfileRegistryObserver has a comment related to the events:
    * Signals the changing of the registration status of a SIP profile
    * to registered.
    * This event is sent to those observers who have the corresponding
    * profile instantiated.


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    Re: ProfileRegistryEventOccurred never call

    so what you actuly saying is that to be abel to see the observer response
    i need to change the sip profile to not "always on"
    (see thread http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=154070 ). and then use the
    iProfileRegistry->EnableL after Instantiating of "iProfile"


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