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    sip registration question

    according to the sdk Instantiating the class CSIPProfileRegistry connects a client to the shared SIP Profile server , Retrieving an instance of CSIPProfile through CSIPProfileRegistry enable you to make the profile active -> register , but in my case the "iProfileRegistry = CSIPProfileRegistry::NewL(*iSip, *this)" is
    causing the device (in my case the emulator) to register with the default profile . so
    1. why do we need the "iProfileRegistry->EnableL( *iProfile, *this )" option ?
    2. the sip register by the Instantiating the class CSIPProfileRegistry is before the Instantiating of "iProfile" according to the sdk
    Retrieving an instance of CSIPProfile through CSIPProfileRegistry causes the profile data to be transferred from the server to the client. As long as the client holds this instance of CSIPProfile in its memory, all events related to the corresponding profile are notified to that client through the functions of MSIPProfileRegistryObserver implemented by the client. When the client deletes the instance of CSIPProfile, events are no longer sent. Each retrieval of a profile creates a separate instance of the class CSIPProfile, even if the corresponding profile is the same.
    seem to me that this can cause to some unclear status of the sip registration ...
    or i didn't Understand the process ?
    my Environment is symbian 9.2 , eclipse , emulator


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    Re: sip registration question


    When you create the CSIPProfileRegistry, the profile server is started and looks through all the existing SIP profiles and registers those that are configured "always on".
    Other SIP profiles won't be automatically registered. Calling EnableL will cause such SIP profiles to be registered.

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