Emultor(epoc) crashes when i run Qt applications,
but it works fine with standard Symbias(like HelloWorldBasic)

while debuggin' i got FAULT: nkern.cpp 0x0000059c (1436)
on line QApplication a(argc, argv);
even in simple myFirstQtWidget project

i'm new to Symbian
(my expirience list ends with 8-hour-surfing-the-forum.nokia.com)
and it's hard for me to guess what the problem is.

So please, if someone has an idea...

If it's important I have installed:
1. ActivePerl-
2. Java 1.5
3. Carbide 2.0
4. S60_3rd_FP1_2
5. Open C
6. 4.4.4-temple