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    Using Flash format in mobile C++ application

    Hello guys,

    I'm currently under development..
    Application for S603rdEd Devices,
    Written in C++ programming language.

    I consider now the idea to use Flash format, for better looking and comfortable interface.
    I would like to know how to combine the both - C++ and Adobe Flash,

    How can I integrate Flash Action Scripts in the Carbide.C++ platform.

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Using Flash format in mobile C++ application

    You can probably integrate Flash in Carbide.c++ although I cannot understand what would be the benefit of the IDE having any flash animations.

    As for using flash in Symbian C++ applications created using Carbide.c++ (or any other IDE) the problem was discussed already several times: you cannot have a flash player control embedded in your UI. All you can do is:
    - start the built-in flash player application in embedded mode and close it once the animations was played
    - write a flash only animation and make it receive services from a Symbian C++ server running in the background.
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    Re: Using Flash format in mobile C++ application

    In general you can not mic C++ and Flash Action Scripts. You could run some Flash application on top of your Symbian application as an embedded applications, and you could try communicating with sockets, but that's about what the possibilities are at this point of time..

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