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    Question two error at build project?

    I am using s60 sdk 3 edition f2.
    carbide c++ 2.0.
    create default hello world gui application.
    when i run or build i get two error,
    1)bldmake returned with exit value = 9
    2)EPOCROOT environment variable must be capitalised
    here i am doing nothing special, just create project and build, got those two error.
    guide me where i am doing wrong or where i have been wrong.
    regards Rajat.

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    Re: two error at build project?

    select "start page" --> "programm files" -->"Carbide.c++ v2.0" --> "Configure environment for WINSCW command line", and try again.
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    Smile Re: two error at build project?

    Hi qxiaoyuan,
    thanks for reply.
    sorry to say, I did get the error after doing the command on command prompt.
    Would you like to say some thing more about it.
    Actually I do not know what exactly happened with carbide environment after execute the command.
    Thanks to concern.
    Regards Rajat.

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    Re: two error at build project?

    find and edit file "e32env.pm"

    # E32ENV.PM
    # Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Symbian Software Ltd. All rights reserved.

    # Contains information for makmake and associated e32tools perl programs
    # within the Epoc32 Environment

    package E32env;

    use vars qw(%Data);

    BEGIN {


    # the following variable must be set to '1'
    my $found=1;

    # everything inside double quote must be CAPITALIZED
    $Data{EPOCPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\";

    $Data{EPOCDataPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\DATA\\";
    $Data{EPOCIncPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\INCLUDE\\";
    $Data{BldPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\BUILD\\";
    #regression hack
    # $Data{LinkPath} = $epocroot."\\epoc32\\library\\";
    $Data{LinkPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\RELEASE\\";
    #regression hack end
    $Data{RelPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\RELEASE\\";
    $Data{EPOCToolsPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\TOOLS\\";
    $Data{RomPath} = $epocroot."\\EPOC32\\ROM\\";

    $Data{DataPath} = "Z\\SYSTEM\\DATA\\";

    $Data{SecurePlatform} = 1;


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    Re: two error at build project?

    What exactly should one modify? Why would someone modify that file? I'm sure nothing of the kind is needed, it is rather an issue of removing a wrongly set system environment variable.

    Anyhow, mysilversir had this problems solved two months ago ...
    -- Lucian

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