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    Nokia 6310i and local Web access via modem

    Please, I have Nokia 6310i and notebook with modem (IBM T23). I have simple example with midlet, which is calling some Web page, which return some text. This text is read by midlet and displayed on my phone. If the Web page is general (public) available, everything runs fine (I am using the general connection/service, which is used for WAP). But I want configure the similar connection/service for the Web server (Apache), which is running on my PC (Windows2000 or Linux) and I want access the WWW page, which is running on my PC. I connected the telephone line into notebook modem and set the telephone number, user, password in my mobile. When I run my midlet and connect to web, the modem pick up my call, connect as required user, but the web page is not accessible.

    Please, what is correct setting for mobile phone and for the modem ?

    Any information (experiences) are very appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    RE: Nokia 6310i and local Web access via modem

    Jan, please try to connect with another device, maybe even a PC over a modem to see if that part of your architecture is working first. There's not all that much to go wrong on your handset side. Except that you MUST have access to a gateway. If you are loading markup langagage you must be fetching WML and not HTML on that handset. If you're going directly to a .jad file (i.e. http://domain/path/filename.jad then you might want to check that the server knows how to handle the MIME type. What happens if you create a small piece of WML on that machine and serve that with a link to your .jad file? Just a suggestion.

    again, I can't stress enough to make sure that each piece of your architecture is working independently then interoperating network-wise via your remote access connection.

    Mike Lupo
    Forum Nokia Developer Support

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