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    Pc to Phone (n95) transfer

    Hi guys, all i'm trying to do is transfer files to my phone.
    but i need to know the path my phone uses. EG. i need to transfer from "c:\test" to "(whatever n95 root is)"

    so all i need to know is the route/path of my N95.

    thanks for any help

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    Re: Pc to Phone (n95) transfer

    If you connect your N95 in USB mass storage (file transfer) mode, then the N95 memory card is the first USB drive that was added at the time of the connection. If previously your last drive was the D-drive then the phone would be represented as the E-drive and the root of the memory card would then be E:\

    If you connect in PC Suite mode, check out the the APIs documented in the Nokia PC Suite Connectivity API v3.2:

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