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    add language persian

    please add language persian on nokia N73me for people iran
    thank you very much

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    yes, my device is Nokia 3250 and don't have Persian(Farsi) keyboard,
    but Nokia have a lot of customer in IRAN, and must more support they.

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    Re: add language persian

    how can I add our country's language. I'm from Mongolia.
    My model is nokia N95.
    Please Help me?

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    Re: add language persian

    you could maybe try asking in end user discussion baord: : http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/, whether there is any applications that could do that. Anyway, gnerally you can not chnage the language pack, but you could maybe find an application that implements the input method (FEP, Front Enf Processor) for the language as well as the required font.

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